I’ve always liked books. The way the paper feels in my hands, the rustle or snap as the pages turn. I like the way a book can sit innocently on the shelf and yet open to reveal any number of surprises. The endless possibilities of books.

I’m interested in the way books are put together, their binding and structure, and it's this I like to experiment with. I love to find new bindings, new ways of attaching paper and thread, new ways of folding.

I've always enjoyed making things; cutting up bits of paper, drawing, sticking, folding and sewing things together. And so my books are hand made, hand cut, hand folded, hand stitched and hand finished. This is important to me. I like to keep that contact with the object I’m making, it has to feel right. Tactile. I enjoy the process of folding the paper, sewing the signatures, and the fact that from this repetition, surprising new things can emerge...

Sarah Mitchell 2012